Boathouse redevelopment moves forward with heritage application

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Kitchener’s heritage committee will consider a proposal to renovate the Boathouse as part of the redevelopment of Victoria Park.

The building alterations are proposed by Walkinshaw Holdings Inc., the preferred proponent for this project. If approved, the following changes will be allowed:

  • An addition to the west façade of the building to accommodate a new washroom.
  • A cantilevered patio extending over a portion of Victoria Park Lake.
  • Adjustments to windows and doors, including a new building entrance.

A heritage assessment concluded that alterations will not adversely impact Victoria Park or the Victoria Park Neighborhood Heritage Conservation District. Building work will also include mitigation measures such as installing planter beds, ensuring compatible design for the addition, and installing a commemorative plaque.

The proposal from Walkinshaw Holdings Inc. will create a paid local live music venue that will operate a minimum of two days a week, offering locally sourced food and drink.

Walkinshaw Holdings is a team of local entrepreneurs with decades of collective experience in the restaurant industry, entertainment, marketing, fundraising, business, and technology. The team includes Amber French, Kurtis McBride, Shawn Flanagan, Sean Goodchild, Taylor Jones, James Barr, and Corey Watterson.


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