Social media skills a key ingredient to success, and education is available


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Barrie Construction Association (BCA) is holding a search engine marketing workshop on May 30, to teach members how to market their businesses online.

The workshop, run by Josh Muirhead of Barrie-based advertising and design company Creative Co-opt, is to include information on blogs and backlinks, use of keywords, and ads creation.

According to the Canadian Construction Association, 60 to70 per cent of construction businesses Canada-wide are considered small or medium-sized, which means marketing often falls to whomever has the time to make it happen.

This comes as companies grow ever-more brand-aware as social media takes over traditional advertisement for lead generation.

A s social media gains influence over buying decisions, it’s necessary for business owners and their staff to understand the importance of internet marketing and how best to wield its awesome power. Internet marketing, through blogs, white papers, or website copy is a great way to get attention if you know the ins and outs of how search engines find you, and how to use that knowledge to get your name higher in search query results.

For instance, more than 90 per cent of professionals in Canada attributed their success to a good website and efficient digital marketing, according to

Other educational options for learning the ins and outs of digital marketing can be accessed online.

Vertical Measures is holding a webinar entitled “Should you Fire your CMO” on May 23 to teach executives what skill set every marketing executive should possess and recognize the importance of return on investment when making ongoing marketing decisions.

With the trend of shifting more marketing dollars to digital channels continuing into the foreseeable future, learning about online marketing is a crucial step for business owners and their marketing departments.


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