City of Ottawa

    Publication Date: 11th August, 2019
    Location of premises

    City of Ottawa

    3399 Paul Anka Drive, Ottawa, Ontario


    CCC 148 – Siding Replacement (Phase 4)

    Substantially performed: 19th December, 2018
    Certificate signed: 20th December, 2018


    Name of Owner
    Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 148 c/o PMA Realty Consulting Ltd.
    Address of Owner
    1131 Newmarket Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 4N4
    Name of Contractor
    Michael Norman Inc.
    Address of Contractor
    5289 McLean Crescent, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1G1
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Laviolette Building Engineering Inc.
    Address of Payment Certifier
    154 Colonnade Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7J5

    Identification of premises for preservation of liens:

    CCC 148 – 3322 Uplands Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9R9