Regional Municipality of York, City of Vaughan

    Publication Date: 10th January, 2020
    Location of premises

    Regional Municipality of York, City of Vaughan

    Nashville Developments Inc. Ultimate SWM Pond 1A & Tributary 'A' Realignment


    SWM pond construction including storm box culvert inlet and Tributary 'A'
    channel realignment

    Substantially performed: 19th December, 2019
    Certificate signed: 7th January, 2020


    Name of Owner
    Nashville Developments (North) Inc. c/o TACC Developments
    Address of Owner
    600 Applewood Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 8B4
    Name of Contractor
    TACC Construction Ltd.
    Address of Contractor
    270 Chrislea Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 8A8
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Schaeffer & Associates Ltd.
    Address of Payment Certifier
    6 Ronrose Drive, Concord, Ontario L4K 4R3

    Identification of premises for preservation of liens:

    65R-38325, 65R35591, Part of Lot 21 Concession 9