Regional Municipality of York, Town of Markham

    Publication Date: 20th December, 2019
    Location of premises

    Regional Municipality of York, Town of Markham

    Rustle Woods Avenue Between Bur Oak Avenue and Cornell Centre Boulevard


    Ballantry Cornell Phase 8 - Site Servicing and Roadworks – Contract 1

    Substantially performed: 1st December, 2019
    Certificate signed: 16th December, 2019


    Name of Owner
    Briarlane Developments Inc.
    Address of Owner
    20 Cachet Woods Court, Suite 6, Markham, Ontario L6C 3G1
    Name of Contractor
    CDC Contracting
    Address of Contractor
    8271 Keele Street, Suite 1, Concord, Ontario L4K 1Z1
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Stantec Consulting Ltd.
    Address of Payment Certifier
    300 – 675 Cochrane Drive West Tower, Markham, ON L3R 0B8

    Identification of premises for preservation of liens:

    CON 9 PT Lots 11 and 12 RP 65R25864 PT Parts 1 and 3, 7 Hwy E