City of London begins work on three major cycling projects


Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of London started construction on three cycling projects that will improve connections through and into the core area.

The Dundas Cycle Track, Colborne Cycle Track Extension, and Dundas-Thames Valley Parkway Connection represent 2.6 kilometers of new cycling infrastructure, and an $8-million municipal investment in the city’s active transportation network in 2020/2021.

Construction work this year includes:

  • a separated bike lane from downtown along Dundas Street east into Old East Village;
  • an extension of the existing bike lanes on Colborne Street north of Dufferin Avenue to Oxford Street east, and;
  • a separated eastbound cycling facility on Riverside Drive from Wilson Avenue to Kensington Bridge in the first phase of construction of the Dundas-TVP Connection. The final phase to connect to Dundas Place downtown will be underway next year.

Construction began August 4 on the Dundas Cycle Track, and is slated to begin in the coming weeks on the Colborne Cycle Track, with completion scheduled for November 2020.

Phase 1 of construction on the Dundas-TVP Connection will see shovels in the ground later this month, with Phase 2 scheduled for construction next year, completing the connection between the Forks of the Thames into Dundas Place downtown.

Dundas Cycle Track

The Dundas Cycle Track will connect Downtown with Old East Village by creating a permanent, separated east-west cycling route on Dundas St. between Wellington Street and Adelaide St. North. The west end of the project will connect into Dundas Place and the east end of the project will connect into new cycling facilities being built along Dundas between Adelaide and Ontario streets as part of upcoming infrastructure renewal work in the Old East Village. Separated cycle lanes will also be added on William St. from Dundas Street to Queens Ave. as part of this project.

A portion of the cycle lane continuing into Old East Village will be completed this year between Ontario and English St., and the final portion between English and Adelaide St. will be completed next year during Phase 2 of infrastructure renewal work in Old East Village.

Colborne Cycle Track Extension and Dundas -TVP Connection

The existing Colborne St. cycle track, which provides separated cycling lanes between Horton St. and Dufferin Ave., will be extended north to Oxford Street East.

The Dundas-TVP Connection is designed to improve the link for pedestrians and cyclists between the Thames Valley Parkway and Downtown. It will also create a connection for cyclists to the East-West Bikeway. Having an improved cycling connection will make it easier to reach existing transit routes, as well as planned rapid transit stops for this area.

Phase 1 of construction, to be completed this year, will create a separated eastbound cycling facility on Riverside Drive from Kensington Bridge to Wilson Ave., and install a pedestrian and bicycle signal that will allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross Riverside Drive at Wilson Ave.

Phase 2, slated for 2021, will finalize the link between the TVP and Downtown by creating a separated cycling facility from the Thames River into Dundas Place.



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