City of London puts out a call for additional affordable housing options during COVID-19

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In partnership with local service agencies, the City of London is hoping to identify and provide rental housing options for the most vulnerable populations including individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness and women trying to escape violent situations.

“Many of our city’s vulnerable populations are at higher risk during this time and as a community, we need to continue to support all Londoners,” said Mayor Holder.

“We are seeking the help from the city’s landlords, developers, builders and all others in identifying affordable housing units available to rent to help meet the immediate needs of our community.”

Access to affordable housing and ongoing housing stability for all Londoners remains a priority for the City of London, the mayor said.

However, access to affordable housing has become increasingly difficult for many.

“If you have any rental units currently available and are able to help, please reach out to the city through its Housing Service Division at,” Holder said. “You can also reach out to Dave Purdy, Manager of Housing Services for the City of London at 519-661-2489 ext. 5596 or via email at”


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