Classic Fire & Life Safety, Honour the Work promote skilled trades

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Classic Fire + Life Safety is partnering with Honour the Work to promote careers in the skilled trades to address the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent.

With a shared commitment to showcasing the rewarding opportunities available in the trades, this collaboration aims to raise awareness and appreciation for careers in fire protection and related fields.

“At Classic Fire + Life Safety, our foremost challenge in sustaining growth lies in the shortage of skilled field staff, particularly Fire Alarm Technicians and Sprinkler Fitters,” said Chris Reynolds, director of marketing at Classic Fire + Life Safety. “Partnering with Honour the Work presents an invaluable opportunity to promote the trades and shed light on the attractiveness of a career in fire protection.

“By joining forces, we aim to inspire the next generation of tradespeople and address the pressing need for skilled professionals in our growing industry.”

Classic Fire + Life Safety and Honour the Work have committed to a three-year partnership, with immediate efforts underway to amplify their collaborative impact.

The partnership will include initiatives aimed at promoting the trades and enhancing awareness of career opportunities in fire protection. This includes promotion through Honour the Work’s social media channels and financial support from Classic to produce materials for schools as well as facilitating the dissemination of information about career opportunities in fire protection and related trades.

“We are delighted to welcome Classic Fire + Life Safety to our family of supporters.  We are confident that this partnership will make a tangible difference in the lives of trades workers and demonstrate our appreciation for their contributions while fostering a culture of value and respect,” said Angela Coldwell, founder and president of Honour the Work. “Through our combined efforts, we aim to not only support our current workforce but also attract new talent to join us in safeguarding communities.”

Classic Fire + Life Safety is hoping for a 20 per cent annual increase in staffing, including electricians, electrician apprentices, sprinkler fitters and sprinkler fitter apprentices.

“While there has been progress in destigmatizing the trades, our focus remains on showcasing the diverse career opportunities available for the next generation. We need to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the decades to come,” Coldwell said. “Through hands-on activities, teacher lesson plans, and beautiful children’s books we are sharing how rewarding and essential skilled trades careers are with grades 1-6 educators and students.

“Canadian research has found that career interest and curiosity peak for students and their parents in grades 5 and 6.”

Classic Fire + Life Safety’s partnership with Honour the Work underscores its commitment to championing the trades and supporting skilled professionals.


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