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Eastern Ontario

Augusta Playground Equipment Supply & Installation

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Parks/Playgrounds

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Augusta

Detail Of Services: The Corporation of the Township of Augusta is seeking proposals from qualified playground suppliers for supply and installation of ‘Playground Equipment and surfacing’ for several areas. The play equipment must meet or exceed the current CSA play structure standard ‘CSA– Z614:20, Children’s playground equipment and surfacing’ (the CSA standard) and provide innovative, accessible, and exciting play opportunities for a range of preschool to school age children (ages 18 months – 5 and/or 18 months – 12 years).

Questions Contact: Matthijs van der Veen, Coordinator Community Development & Recreation Phone: 613-925-4231 ext. 110 Email:

PWGSC Confederation Building Rooftop Ladders

Industry Name: Government

Trade Name: Other Government Facilities

Project Street: 229 Wellington St.

Project City: Ottawa

Detail Of Services: Replace the rooftop ladders (remove old, build and install new) on the cooper roof of the Confederation Building.

Questions Contact: Stirling, Mike Phone: (613) 990-4011 Email:

Belleville Various City Facilities Electrical Contractors Roster

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Electrical Utilities

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Belleville

Detail Of Services: The City of Belleville is looking to qualify a roster of Electrical Contractors for their City Facilities. Please refer to document for more information.

Questions Contact: Christine Fradley Purchasing Supervisor Phone: (613) 967-3200 ext. 3301 Email: Questions Deadline: Tue Jan 4, 2022 4:30 PM (EST)

Southern Ontario

GTAA Toronto Pearson International Airport Elevator & Escalator Maintenance & Repair Services

Industry Name: Transportation

Trade Name: Airline Terminals/Hangars

Project Street: 3111 Convair Dr.

Project City: Mississauga

Detail Of Services: The intent of the Maintenance Contract is to provide comprehensive, full, and an all-inclusive maintenance services (preventative maintenance, corrective and demand repairs and emergency response) to the GTAA’s elevating devices in a timely, cost effective, efficient and environmentally safe manner.

Questions Contact: Crystal Denton Phone: 416-776-5650 Email: Saad Shah Phone: 416-776-5742 Email: Questions Deadline: January 7, 2021 at 12:00pm

Perth South Sparling Drain Extension

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Sewer/Drainage Utilities

Project Street: Road 161

Project City: Perth South

Detail Of Services: The work to be done under this specification consists of supplying all labour, materials, and equipment to construct the work as outlined in the drawing(s). In some Municipalities, the Contractor shall supply all materials while in other Municipalities he shall supply only certain materials. The Form of Tender and Agreement lists which materials are to be supplied by the Contractor.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be submitted via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Contact Name: Clothier, Rebecca Email:

Brampton Williams Parkway Detailed Design Engineering Services

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Highway/Roadwork

Project Street: Williams Parkway

Project City: Brampton

Detail Of Services: To solicit engineering services for the detailed design of Williams Parkway from McLaughlin Road to Dixie Road, including civil, structural, landscaping, streetscaping, stormwater management/LID and electrical design services for maximizing people moving capacity and public realm design.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be directed to the Purchasing Department via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Lori Van Noort, Buyer Email: Question: Deadline: Thu Jan 6, 2022 12:00:00 PM (EST)

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