Did you know?

  • About 13% of global emissions are “embodied” in the materials used to construct buildings and other infrastructure.
  • The two biggest polluters are cement and steel production, together responsible for around 14% of global emissions. Another 2% of global emissions come from aluminum production.
  • Demand for these materials is only projected to grow, with up to 45% more cement, 30% more steel, and 80% more aluminum expected to be required by 2050.
  • All public infrastructure spending in Canada totalled $62.5 billion in 2018, about one-fifth of all spending on infrastructure in the country, including housing.
  • Federal procurement accounts for just 4%, while federal spending that is transferred to provinces, territories, and municipalities accounts for another 13%.
  • By taking a pan-Canadian approach, Canada could avoid up to half of its emissions from construction materials by 2030.


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