Federal government invests $3.5 million in Carleton University energy efficient building research

Carleton University by Chris Barbara under Creative Commons licence

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The federal government says it is investing more than $3.5 million in two research projects at Carleton University in Ottawa, including funding research to improve insulation and combat heat loss.

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada announced the funding last Friday.

“Supporting researchers and scientists is extremely important,” McKenna said in a statement. “The innovative ideas of Carleton University’s faculty and students are critical to helping us build a cleaner Canada — including cleaner buildings. Energy efficiency is one of the smartest things we can do to tackle climate change. It reduces emissions while lowering energy bills. This is an example of practical, effective and affordable climate action that can benefit all Canadians.”

The first project, with an investment of $3 million, will research ways to improve insulation and combat heat loss in buildings. “

Two-thirds of the energy we use in our buildings is for heat, but too often the heat leaks through walls, roofs and doors,” a government news release said. “By finding better ways to build we can create net-zero energy or net-zero energy–ready buildings. These include exploring new, factory-built materials, including super-thin insulation, to cut heat loss in housing and buildings by 65 per cent.”

The second project, with an investment of more than $510,000, will develop software to help building managers monitor energy use and find good opportunities to reduce consumption, thereby reducing emissions and saving them money.

Buildings are a significant source of emissions in Canada, with commercial and institutional buildings accounting for approximately 12 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, 75 per cent of our buildings will still be standing. “Finding ways to significantly reducing energy waste in existing buildings is one of the most important ways we can tackle climate change,” the statement said.


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