Merit Canada outlines pre-election “five pillar plan”


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Merit Canada, representing open shop contractors, has released what its pre-election document, which it describes as a “five pillar plan to unleash significant, sustainable and shared prosperity for all Canadians as we enter a new decade.”

The organization which asserts it represents more than 70 per cent of Canada’s construction industry, says in Building Confidence in Canada: Growing National Prosperity, that the pillars are:

  1. Investment, trade and growth;
  2. Open and fair government procurement;
  3. Responsible resource development;
  4. Building enabling and sustainable infrastructure; and,
  5. Skills, training and education.

“A growing economy provides people with jobs and governments with tax revenues to pay for health, education and social programs,” Merit Canada spokesperson Walter Pamic said in a statement.     “Merit Canada is providing the blueprint to support a strong construction sector which employs approximately 1.5 million men and women, grow our economy, and ensure prosperity for all Canadians.”

“The stakes are high in this federal election,” said Pamic. “On October 21, we encourage all Canadians to think carefully about the challenges our country is facing and to cast a ballot for candidates committed to the investment, jobs and opportunities required to support the important health, education, and social programs upon which we all depend.”


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