Newmarket council considers financial penalties after developer cuts trees without permission

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Town of Newmarket council will review financial penalties for cutting down trees without permission after trees were removed from a site of a future apartment and townhouse development.

Matera Developments removed trees from the site without authorization and will be required to provide compensation to the municipality, Councillor Victor Woodhouse said the developers should face additional penalties.

“I’m absolutely blown away we would not enact a fairly significant penalty for the developer,” he said. “Otherwise, there’s no incentive for that developer to ask for permission ahead of time.”

The town currently requires compensation for trees removed, either with replanting or cash-in-lieu. There are no additional penalties for cutting trees without permission.

Policies are meant to provide a deterrent,” the mayor said. “We’re kind of opening the door to others.”

The committee asked for a staff report on new penalties and voted to defer development charges on the Matera Developments project, stating Newmarket and York Region are desperate for rental housing.


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