Ontario Building Trades Council supports Bruce Power life extension project

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario has reaffirmed support for the Bruce Power life extension program and the major component replacement project (MCR).

“Nuclear energy provides safe and reliable baseload electricity for Ontario and we’re proud to be a part of ensuring that we’re meeting the needs of the people, businesses and vital sectors in our province,” said Marc Arsenault, business manager and secretary-treasurer of the provincial council.

“We’ve had a long-established partnership with Bruce Power and we’re strong proponents of the nuclear industry by sharing in our commitment to safety, apprenticeship training, and the diversification of the construction workforce through promoting diversity and inclusion for everyone.”

The council passed a resolution at its 65th annual convention in Niagara Falls recently, confirming continued support for the programs that will ensure the Kincardine site will operate for decades to come.

In its resolution, the council also pointed out that the Bruce Power projects will secure an estimated 22,000 jobs directly and indirectly from operations, and an additional 5,000 jobs annually throughout the investment program.

It also said that with the onset of environmental and economic challenges resulting from climate change and global energy uncertainty, there is a clear need to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity in the province of Ontario. Bruce Power also benefits the world’s health care system through the production of medical isotopes, used to fight cancer.

“Our project and MCR work, which will extend the life of our site to 2064 and beyond, would not be possible without the strong partnership we have with the people who are affiliated with the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council,” said Eric Chassard, Bruce Power executive vice-president. “Leading one of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects over the next decade, our trades partners are crucial to our success.”


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