Ontario Municipalities will see $35 billion shortfall for roads and bridges

The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) says municipalities will face a $34.7 billion shortfall for road and bridge construction this year.

According to a media release, OGRA used simulations and 443 out of 444 municipal asset management plans to calculate the expected “harsh reality municipalities are facing when it comes to infrastructure management and the desperate need for funding.”

“This really paints a stark picture of the reality municipalities are facing.” said Scott Butler, OGRA, Executive Director. “Our roads not only good for business, take our children to school and work, connect communities, but now during the pandemic, they are a safe gathering place for us.”

The data behind Ontario’s $34.7 billion roads and bridge deficit is a result of data extraction of key information, engineering economic principles combined with expert knowledge, along with mathematical modeling and simulation.

OGRA members will be discussing at road infrastructure and other critical topics at the annual conference Feb. 22 to 25. For more information visit OGRA conference or watch the event teaser.

“Roads and bridges were taken into account, however other infrastructure such as trails, bike lanes and sidewalks were not calculated,” said Dr. James Smith, manager, member services at OGRA.

The number is significant, because it demonstrates the value of asset management planning as $34.7 billion is the “stark reality our communities are facing in road repair.”

OGRA advances the infrastructure and transportation interests its members through training, advocacy and services. For more information about OGRA’s Infrastructure Deficit is available online.


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