Platinum Complete Access: All Daily public opportunities

You can receive ALL the daily public construction project opportunity reports for Southern, Eastern and Northern Ontario with a Platinum Ontario Construction News subscription.

This service includes:

  1. A special extended version of OCN, adding several pages to the searchable digital image file;
  2. A link to a private Datapage/feed, where you can search and recover information about each day’s new projects.  (This listing is updated at six a.m. each morning; and
  3. Complete archival access to all back issues of Ontario Construction News.

Platinum subscriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, or annual formats, with the opportunity to save a significant amount of money for a longer-duration subscription. Because of the data value in the service, we cannot provide a free subscription, but can send you a sample back issue of a day’s OCN with the additional data pages on request if you email us at (This information will be outdated, but will give you an idea about what to expect.)

Choose your subscription length here:

Monthly: $149.00 plus HST

Quarterly: $295.00 plus HST

Annual: $995.00 plus HST

If you elect to subscribe, we’ll refund your money without question if you request a cancellation within seven days of subscribing and, if for some reason we are not able to continue offering the service, will provide a pro-rate refund or the opportunity to upgrade with to one of their more comprehensive subscription packages.