Thunder Bay studying future housing and land needs

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Thunder Bay, along with consultants HTFC Planning and Design is seeking feedback on the future of housing and land use across the city.

As part of the province’s streamline development approvals fund, the city is conducting the Thunder Bay Housing Land Needs Study and Strategy to look at how land within the urban areas of the city can best be used for new housing development.

The study will examine where new housing could be built within the urban area and develop a strategy to increase the range of housing types. An increased supply and variety of housing types would encourage higher density with housing forms including apartments, duplexes and townhomes, along with the traditional single detached home.

Thunder Bay“We want to hear the public’s ideas on the future of housing in Thunder Bay,” said Decio Lopes, Senior Planner – Planning Services. “This includes where homes are built, the types of homes we want to see, and how we can make the city a more inclusive place to live.”

The study will provide a detailed look at the state of current and future housing needs in the city and will include forecasting future population growth and trends, identifying constraints and barriers to housing development, analyzing opportunities and limitations in the designated land supply and providing a strategy that will help to meet the housing land needs.

The strategy will focus on sustainable and efficient use of land and position Thunder Bay to be ready to accommodate future housing demands and support housing affordability.

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