16,000 homes to rise in Mississauga’s Lakeview Village

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Mississauga and the Lakeview Community Partners (LCPL) have signed a subdivision agreement that will allow for the construction of 16,000 homes, affordable housing, community benefits, parkland, and more on the 177-acre Lakeview Village development.

“This is a significant milestone,” acting mayor Matt Mahoney said in.a statement on Wednesday. “The city has been working closely with the Office of the Provincial Land and Development Facilitator and LCPL for almost a year to ensure the increased density assigned for Lakeview Village will be built in an appropriate way.

“We remain committed to attracting a new generation to live and work in Mississauga by doing what we can to support the transformation of this area into a liveable, walkable, waterfront community connected by parks, open spaces, cultural facilities and an innovative employment hub,” Mahoney said.

This is a significant step forward for the project, as it will allow for the start of construction on the first 8,050 units on the site. The agreement also outlines how LCPL will meet the city’s parkland requirements, complete transportation studies, and commit to making traffic improvements, odour and noise mitigation measures, and provide land for a Peel District School Board school site.

The city and LCPL have also agreed to invest $14 million into the community, including the Lakeview Pier and other cultural amenities. This investment is part of the LCPL’s commitment to ensuring that the area has the schools, transportation infrastructure, affordable housing, parks, and cultural facilities that the community needs to thrive.

The agreement is also expected to attract more residents to the area, which is in line with the city’s goal of growing the housing supply by 10,000 units over the next decade. The Lakeview Village project is part of the city’s Growing Mississauga plan, which outlines new housing developments and infrastructure improvements in the southwest area of the city.

The next step for the project will be to finalize the remaining agreements for development beyond 8,050 units by Oct. 1, 2024. The city and LCPL will continue to work together to ensure that the project is completed on time and in line with the city’s vision for a vibrant, walkable, waterfront community, the city’s statement says.


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