Barrie approves affordable housing strategy


The City of Barrie City has approved an affordable housing strategy – the third part of a multi-year plan to create affordable housing, as the current housing market and interest rate changes have made it unattainable for many to find affordable rental housing and affordable ownership options.

A housing needs assessment used data to understand where the largest housing gaps exist. The city welcomed public feedback related to housing needs, housing supply, and sought to understand what residents believed the solutions to affordable housing should be.

The strategy outlines nine actions to be taken to address affordability:

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of the City’s Zoning By-law (already underway)
  • Update the city’s existing incentive program and increase the annual budget
  • Use public land to deliver new affordable housing (already underway)
  • Work towards a decision faster (shorten approval timelines)
  • Create a concierge program to connect parties who are interested in partnering to deliver new housing
  • Enhance the Simcoe County Secondary Suite program for Barrie
  • Enact a Rental Replacement By-law to preserve existing rental stock
  • Explore the potential for inclusionary zoning (already underway)

City staff will work on an implementation plan, including any budget requirements, and report back to the City’s Affordability Committee by June 2024.

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