Amor construction – 196026 Canada Inc. – #11239 – Orchardview Avenue and Sunland Drive – Ottawa


    Publication Date: 29th August, 2023
    Location of premises


    Orchardview Avenue and Sunland Drive


    Project ID: CR013854 for Project Name: Orchardview & Sunland Demolition for Purchase Order No.: 0045097659

    Substantially performed: 11th August, 2023
    Certificate signed: 17th August, 2023


    Name of Owner
    City of Ottawa
    Address of Owner
    100 Constellation Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
    Name of Contractor
    Amor Construction
    Address of Contractor
    2-134 St. Paul Street, Vanier, ON K1L 6A3
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Ltd.
    Address of Payment Certifier
    1005-75 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7

    Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien:

    City Clerk and Solicitor Department, City of Ottawa, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1 regarding location: Orchardview Avenue and Sunland Drive