City of Toronto

    Publication Date: 29th November, 2019
    Location of premises

    City of Toronto

    20 Wade Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6H 4H3


    Generator Replacement

    Substantially performed: 25th November, 2019
    Certificate signed: 26th November, 2019


    Name of Owner
    Tamil Co-operative Homes Inc.
    Address of Owner
    20 Wade Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6H 4H3
    Name of Contractor
    Ferguson Electric Company Ltd.
    Address of Contractor
    140 Veronica Street, Cobourg, Ontario
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Peter LaForme, McGregor Allsop Limited
    Address of Payment Certifier
    1 Concorde Gate, Suite 808, Box 65, Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N6

    Identification of premises for preservation of liens:

    Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto Lot 17 and Part of Lot 18 Registered Plan D – 1372 and Part of Lot 18 and all of Lots 19-28 Registered Plan M-405.