Burlington City Council approves 2023 budget

Burlington City Council has approved the city’s 2023 budget with key investments to ensure infrastructure “keeps pace with the changing needs of the community.”

The 2023 capital budget is $72.6 million, with a 10-year program of $878 million with key investment priorities including:

  • Funding for two new community centres – Skyway Community Centre located at 129 Kenwood Ave. and the former Robert Bateman High School at 5151 New St.
  • $72.6 million of capital investment in 2023 to keep our infrastructure assets like buildings, roads and parks in a state of good repair.
  • New funding dedicated to cycling infrastructure.

A copy of the approved budget book for 2023 will be available online at burlington.ca/budget.

“There is no question this budget presented a challenge to staff, council and residents, but it also presented a clear opportunity to make our city better – not just for the next few years, but for future generations,” Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in a statement. “We’ve also accounted for inflation, ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic in revenue losses and increased expenses, and ensuring we are competitive in a tight labour market.

“We are also playing catch-up after years of underfunding in community needs, as well as increasing services for new residents – recognizing that population growth never fully pays for growth.”

Spending for the capital budget is based on a 10-year plan and translates to services that have a direct impact on resident daily life, such as developing new parks, renewing existing roadways or revitalizing recreation facilities.


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