CSC presentation: Thermal clips, protected wall assemblies save builders thousands of dollars on insulation

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Advances in construction technology are creating new opportunities to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency through thermal clips and “protected wall assemblies” that reduce the insulating wall’s thickness, while complying with fire and building code requirements.

Dan Dufort, an architectural products representative with SOPREMA Canada, outlined some of the new options at a Jan. 18 Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Ottawa chapter gathering.

Polyisocyanurate-Based Insulation Boards are installed with ACS Thermal Clips and a relatively thin layer of mineral wool insulation to provide an effective R-value (and building-code compliant) fire barrier, Dufort said.

ACS Thermal Clips are manufactured by ACS Composite Systems Inc. in Sooke, British Columbia. SOPREMA selected the clips “as the solution for panelized exterior cladding because of their high performance and ease of installation,” a company spokesperson said.

“Due to their stainless steel composition and the contribution of a thermal insulator base, the (clips) can provide up to 98 per cent thermal efficiency,” the SOPREMA statement says. “Additionally, the structural capacity of the clip can allow the use of fewer clips, further improving the thermal performance of the system. (The clips) can be easily used with all types of insulation, including rigid panels.”

SOPREMA indicates the system’s economic efficiency and value increases where insulation requirements are highest – especially in Canada’s varied climate zones. There’s less need for the large surface required for other forms of insulation, reducing transport and handling costs for a more efficient building, he said.

Thermal clipsSOPREMA has outlined various cladding and insulation material options in its Build Better Guide: Introducing Wall Systems Tested and Approved. Cost savings and increased insulation effectiveness of course vary depending on the building’s location, size, and construction, the company says.


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