DataBid client profile: Ambience Design Group creates branded experiences within workspaces


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Born out of a love of art and design, Ambience Design Group offers clients the opportunity to create a branded experience within their company’s workspaces.

Ambience branding and communications director Sara Abate Rezvanifar says her mother, Josie Abate, was inspired by her own father’s creative pursuits when she opened Ambience Interiors in 1987 as an interior design firm.

Initially working with residential clients, she then established a furniture and decor shop, growing the company over time into a multidisciplinary design firm also serving commercial projects.

In 2012, Rezvanifar joined the firm and Ambience Interiors evolved into Ambience Design Group, incorporating branding design into its expertise.

Today, Ambience Design Group creates master plans for new builds and renovations for commercial and residential projects. “While many designers focus on the look of the space we go beyond aesthetics and focus on the deeper purpose of design and its function to improve living,” says Rezvanifar.

“Ambience Living Spaces is our design process that uniquely incorporates sustainability, wellness and accessibility into living and work spaces. Over the past few years, through our blog, we have been sharing the message of improving the health and happiness in homes and workspaces by reducing toxic materials and bringing nature into spaces through biophilic design.”

Rezvanifar says the company has worked with homeowners, building custom homes from the ground up, business owners designing inspirational workspaces, hospitality owners looking to update their hotels, and healthcare owners looking to enhance the healing experience.

“We enjoy partnering with developers and contractors as their “interior design arm” and guiding the client through all the interior options and details. We create photorealistic renderings that help with visualization and instil confidence in all the decisions that go into any design build project.”

Ambience has been recognized with several awards for its projects.

Rezvanifar says the company has been using DataBid for a few months and that it has provided exposure to many projects that would otherwise have remained undiscovered. “It’s a great service that allows us to connect with like minded individuals and companies looking for an interior design partner to assist in the concept and planning of their living and work spaces.”

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