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Eastern Ontario

Tweed Hungerford Hall & Municipal Office Stairs Replacement

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Community/Recreation/Senior Centres

Project Street: 297 St Joseph St

Project City: Tweed

Detail Of Services: Replace concrete stairs with railing to north side of Hungerford Hall. Replace concrete stairs at office entrance on Tweed Municipal Building. Replace the door on the north side of the Hungerford Hall with a fire exit door with window.

Questions Contact: Gloria

Ottawa Various Ottawa Police Stations Building Envelope Repairs

Industry Name: Public Buildings

Trade Name: Emergency Services Facilities

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Ottawa

Detail Of Services: Prequalification Stage: The City of Ottawa, hereinafter referred to as the City, is seeking qualification submissions for the Building Envelope Repairs at Various Ottawa Police Services Stations (OPS) as described in the Terms of Reference, attached hereto, as Annex “A”.

Questions Contact: Dyhanna Hall 613-580-2424 ext. 22656

Pembroke Riverside Park Pumping Station Upgrades

Industry Name: Industrial

Trade Name: Pump Station/Pumphouse

Project Street: 961 Pembroke Street West

Project City: Pembroke

Detail Of Services: The works included at the Riverside Park pumping station include the installation of a new sewage pumping station wet well complete with two new pumps within the new wet well structure, the removal of the existing pumps and all piping within the existing wet well structure. The existing wet well structure will be benched to allow for existing sanitary connections to be connected to the new pumping station wet well. New pumping station pipework’s will be connected to the existing force main. All works are within Riverside Park and will be performed in offseason camping times. Contract includes reinstatement of gravel and landscaped areas, process piping, electrical, controls and all associated work shown on contract documents. Date of construction completion for the project is April 28, 2023.

Questions Contact: Mr. Steven Webster, P. Eng. Vice President Jp2g Consultants Inc. Engineers • Planners • Project Managers 12 International Drive Pembroke, Ontario K8A 6W5 Telephone: (613) 735-2507 Questions Deadline: December 14, 2022 at 4:00pm

Northern Ontario

Mattawa Hospital Interior Lighting Upgrades

Industry Name: Medical

Trade Name: Hospitals

Project Street: 217 Turcotte Park Rd.

Project City: Mattawa

Detail Of Services: Upgrade the interior lighting and lighting control throughout the Hospital interior with Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology lighting.

Questions Contact: Geoff Stremble 705-744-6013

Southern Ontario

Brock University Rankin Family Security Screen

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way

Project City: St. Catharines

Detail Of Services: This Request for Quotations is an invitation by Brock University to prospective respondents to submit non-binding quotations for security screen install in Rankin Family Pavilion Level 300.

Questions Contact: David Barber Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 4233 Email:

Waterloo Spring Valley Wastewater Pumping Station

Industry Name: Industrial

Trade Name: Water/Wastewater Treatment

Project Street: 365 Riverbend Drive

Project City: Waterloo

Detail Of Services: The Spring Valley Wastewater Pumping Station Project will include detailed design, tendering, contract administration, and site inspection services for a new 350 L /s wastewater pumping station and decommissioning of the existing pumping station.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be submitted via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Question Deadline: December 14, 2022 at 4:00pm

Ajax Annandale Trail Design Services

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Hike/Bike Trails

Project Street: Church Street South & Bayly Street West

Project City: Ajax

Detail Of Services: The Town of Ajax is soliciting Proposals from qualified Consultants for the supply of all labour, equipment, products, fuel and materials necessary to complete a detailed design plan for the Ajax Annandale Trail Project located at the Northeast corner of Church Street South & Bayly Street West in the Town of Ajax. The Works shall specialize in recreation trail and pedestrian bridge design. This Proposal will include coordination and approvals with the Conservation Authority and a detailed cost analysis for the Proposal.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be directed to the Purchasing Department via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Lynda Lewis, CSCMP, Buyer Phone: (905) 619-2529 ext. 3386 Fax: (905) 683-0157 Email: Question Deadline: Fri Dec 9, 2022 11:30:00 AM (EST)

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