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Ontario Construction News staff writer

DataBid is introducing a virtual classroom training program, “hosted by top industry experts”.

The online events go beyond an automated resource; there is a real-life (live) instructor and opportunity for participants to communicate as they learn.

“We’re all working to adapt to this virtual shift and our trainings are no different,” says DataBid president Jim Lamelza. “We’ve been working hard to create an engaging, interactive, and collaborative virtual learning environment from the comfort of a Zoom room near you.”

“Our learning environment is upbeat, engaging, and inclusive. We’ve developed a virtual experience to emulate a classroom setting. We know that everyone learns differently, so we’ve incorporated slide presentations, tool demos, practical application activities, and discussions to demonstrate best practices.”

Fees for each session are $150 for DataBid subscribers and $250 for non-subscribers.

Ontario Construction News subscribers also receive the $100 discount .

Upcoming programs include:

Getting Paid Promptly – Prompt Payment Into Your Workflow (Aug. 11)

Learn best practices for the use of Notice Forms, triggers for Referral to Adjudication, Types of cases being Adjudicated and your rights and remedies to solve payment disputes.

Negotiating to Win Disputes On Site (July 17 and Aug. 5)

This workshops leverages the teachings from Harvard’s Program on Negotiation (PON) to better understand the interests of other parties when facing a tough negotiation.

Change Order Protocols to Improve On-Site Productivity (July 24 and Aug. 7)

Ideal for contract administrators, subcontractors, general contractors and those who write contracts including lawyers and specification writers.

For more information and full course schedule please visit


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