Feds funding flood protection upgrades in Peterborough

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The federal government last week announced over $2.1 million for infrastructure improvements and flood protection projects in Peterborough.

Funding will go to a $5.44 million project designed to increase capacity of the Armour Road sanitary sewer, complete storm sewer upgrades, and rehabilitate the Curtis Creek channel. By rehabilitating the creek’s shoreline, as well as completing sanitary and storm sewer upgrades, work will improve the waterway’s health and reduce overland flooding, sanitary sewer back-ups, and basement flooding in nearby areas.

“Flooding disasters impact municipalities across Ontario and climate change is expected to only bring more flooding,” said Whitby MP Ryan Turnbull. “Projects like this help to protect our communities from damage during flooding events – safeguarding homes, businesses, and residents.

Recommendations set out in the Curtis Creek Flood Reduction Master Plan:

  • reduce the negative impacts of flooding on properties in the watershed;
  • naturalize the channel to improve water quality and wildlife habitat;
  • provide slope stability and erosion control measures; and
  • =improve the open space and pedestrian connections south of Euclid Avenue at Trent Street.

The project plans, additional information and resources are available on Connect Peterborough, the city’s online community engagement hub, at www.connectptbo.ca/curtiscreek.

The project has been divided into four sites:

Site 1: Upstream and Downstream of Armour Road Culvert

  • reinforce toe of stone lined wall along 617 Armour Road by placing additional stone with plantings
  • minor channel regrading to increase conveyance capacity of watercourse between 607 and 617 Armour Road
  • removal of armourstone upstream (east) of Armour Road to increase conveyance capacity and improve fish habitat by incorporating a vegetated boulder revetment

Site 2: Upstream and Downstream of Caddy Street Culvert Crossing

  • Removal of armourstone wall downstream (south) of Caddy Street and replacing with vegetated boulder revetment to provide greener bank treatment and to increase conveyance capacity of the watercourse and culvert
  • Minor channel regrading to increase conveyance capacity of watercourse both upstream (north) and downstream (south) of Caddy Street
  • Removal of berm and lowering of existing manhole to provide improved floodplain access

Site 3: Downstream of Euclid Avenue

  • remove armourstone wall downstream (south) of Euclid Avenue and realign watercourse to improve the hydraulic efficiency of the new curvet and better utilize flood storage in the park
  • build sidewalk along southern edge of Euclid Avenue and provide public access to the area.
  • restore newly aligned channel with vegetated boulder revetment to provide greener bank treatment and improve aquatic habitat
  • construct pocket wetland at storm sewer outfall location to enhance water quality treatment of storm sewer discharge

Site 4 – improvements to the slopes in the area of the creek.

“Infrastructure improvements are essential as the City of Peterborough continues to mitigate impacts of climate change,” said Peterborough Mayor Jeff Leal. “Th Curtis Creek project which will reduce flooding for area residents and businesses, protecting against property damage, and more importantly, protecting the safety and wellbeing of our residents.”


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