Final day to have your say on Ottawa’s infrastructure master plan

Ottawa City Hall
Photo by Jean-Luc Henry

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Today is the last day for stakeholders to provide comments on the City of Ottawa’s preliminary policies and program recommendations of the Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP). Feedback on the document can be submitted on the feedback form.

The IMP is a strategic document that sets growth-related goals, objectives, and priorities for municipal infrastructure related to water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management, supporting the city’s New Official Plan project.

Ottawa is in the process of preparing an update to the Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) to support the New Official Plan (OP) which was adopted by City Council in October 2021. 

The IMP addresses stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water servicing to support growth to 2046 and beyond. It is expected to be approved by committee and council by mid 2023.

The purpose of the current document is to present preliminary IMP policies and program recommendations and the city is seeking input from stakeholders on this preliminary information so that it can be finalized for consideration by council through the IMP approval process.

A key focus of the updated IMP will include developing strategies and programs aimed at managing infrastructure capacity to support increasing rates of intensification. Projects will be identified in order to achieve expected levels of service for community infrastructure while being socially, environmentally, and economically conscious of our water resources and assisting to implement the city’s climate change strategy. Infrastructure needs and cost forecasts to the year 2046 will also be identified, in keeping with the Official Plan’s horizon.

Feedback from residents and stakeholders will be considered for the draft final IMP for consideration by city council.


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