Founder of Honour the Work bringing skilled trades to life in elementary schools


Ontario Construction News staff writer

With Canada’s construction industry facing a labour crisis and no national “one stop shop” to connect workers to the many skilled trades resources, Angela Coldwell thought, “what if we could create a hub so that Canadians have a single spot to begin learning of the opportunities and careers in the skilled trades?”

That was the beginning of Honour the Work, a one-stop-shop that showcases the industry to students, teachers and parents.

To transform perceptions about the skilled trades through hands-on experiences and learning directly from individuals who are in these careers, Honour the Work is taking the message to children in Grades 1 to 6.

STEAMs kits bring the message to life, with teacher lesson plans, student handouts and electronic links to resources. The provide hands-on learning experiences with a set of building materials that showcase “innovation in the real world.”

‘It’s a hybrid of working with your hands and your head at all times,” she said, talking about skilled trades careers. “It’s my mission to try and help the stereotypes change amongst parents and teachers.”

Learn more about Honour the work. In this video, Founder Angela Coldwell talks about how it all started.



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