GOHBA applauds measures outlined in proposed zoning bylaw

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) has applauded the measures outlined in the recently released draft of the City of Ottawa’s new Zoning By-law.

The GOHBA has been advocating for several of these measures, including increasing the supply of housing by allowing up to four units per lot and making changes to parking provisions.

The new Zoning By-law proposes allowing for four units per lot citywide, which is in line with the city’s commitment under the Housing Accelerator Fund. This proposal is welcome as it will help to address the city’s critical housing needs.

The GOHBA has also been supportive of the move to transition from fixed minimum parking space ratios to a flexible, choice-based approach. This will allow the city to provide more choice for residents and developers and help to increase housing supply.

The proposal also includes measures to allow for flexible front-yard parking options and end the application of the Streetscape Character Analysis in the proposed new Zoning By-law. These measures are aimed at increasing the supply of housing and improving the quality of residential areas.

The GOHBA says in an April 19 statement that it will continue to collaborate with partners and stakeholders as the Joint Planning and Housing and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, April 29. The association will also continue to advocate for policies aimed at promoting housing affordability and supply for Ottawa’s residents.


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