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Guest column by Michael Hartley

OCN Special Feature

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed immense pressure on people and businesses. The speed at which the virus spreads has challenged businesses to find innovative solutions to keep their workplaces safe, healthy and open. As more information about the virus becomes available, one thing has become increasingly apparent – businesses need to know that healthy people are entering healthy workplaces. For the construction sector, this means measuring and communicating greater volumes of data.

Early in the crisis, Minetell focused on helping its industry partners manage the most pressing challenge – knowing whether people entering the workplace pose a risk of introducing/spreading the virus. Minetell launched an employee health screening application that enables employees to screen themselves and employers screen large groups of people at points of entry for COVID-19. The Minetell web app provided its partners with the confidence that they were only admitting healthy people into the workplace and prevent those who may potentially have the virus from entering. The Government of Ontario made screening a mandatory requirement for all businesses in the province.

Minetell’s web app also monitors workplace C-19 controls to complement its employee screening solution. It collects information from users, equipment and sensors to assess the effectiveness of preventative controls allowing business leaders to pinpoint where they are most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. When the system detects a control is underperforming, an alert is sent out to key individuals so these issues can be resolved quickly. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to process large quantities of data in real-time to determine if its performance falls within acceptable limits. With Minetell, businesses will know what their risk exposure and control performance at all times allowing them to intervene before failures occur.

“Our goal is to help businesses open and reopen safely,” says Minetell Founder and CEO Michael Hartley. “Our platform focuses on speed and ease of use. We can customize and deploy within 3 days and support decision making in real-time. We have worked tirelessly on making Minetell easy to use for operators and decision-makers.  This allows our partners to focus on managing their businesses rather than letting COVID-19 manage them.”

Minetell’s current industry partners include leading organizations in mining, manufacturing and construction. Visit for more information about Minetell’s Employee Health Screening and Control Monitoring Platforms.

Michael Hartley is Minetell’s founder and CEO.


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