Industry Leaders Profiles: Avenue Soils handles transportation and disposal of clean fill contaminated non-hazardous soil and solid waste


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With more than 50 years of experience, Avenue Soils & Waste Recovery has the expertise and resources to handle the construction industry’s most demanding soil transportation and solid waste disposal needs 24/7.

It also offers a host of complementary services ranging from contaminated site remediation and landfill redevelopment to demolition and earthworks – all according to best practices and in as cost-efficient a manner as possible.

“If you service your customers right with good pricing, you will service them for life,” said company founder Carmelo Cini, who has worked on the excavation jobs on Toronto’s Bloor subway, TD Towers and New Toronto City Hall. An industry innovator, Cini started with one truck that was given to him by his father and built his company to 90 trucks, 250 employees, and 4,500 active accounts.

avenue soilsThe Toronto-based company’s philosophy is to use its diverse experience to remedy any environmental issue in the simplest and most economical way while working within industry standards and tailoring its services to the specific needs and priorities of its customers.

Those services have evolved over the decades to include all forms of transportation and disposal of various types of soils, from clean fill to contaminated soil. Along the way, Avenue Soils has expanded its pool of resources and developed affiliations with other companies to give customers a choice of MOE approved landfill site transfer stations aclean fill cross Ontario.

It has become a complete environmental services earthworks provider able to move all of a client’s impacted non hazardous soils/clean fill, as well as construction and demolition materials. The company can help with loading, excavation, transportation and disposal to receiving sites with bulk loading and tracking available.

Its experts investigate the most economical method to execute the requirements of analytical soils or environmental assessment reports signed by a qualified professional. They can offer full environmental services including lab analysis of soil sediment and groundwater, the management of excess soils and an eco and budget friendly removal and disposal plan. Supplied with a soils report, the company can provide free estimates of project costs.

Avenue Soils & Waste Recovery offers services in areas including:

  • Impacted non-hazardous soils – The company provides full excavation services and has approvals for more than 200 trucks and loaders to handle specific needs for loading, trucking and dumping of impacted soils at approved MOE sites – with company facilities available to receive material daily. Thanks to its years of experience handling various types of contaminated soils, it can advise clients on the most cost-effective methods to achieve a clean fill status and LEED site certification. The company provides certifications and supports processes with laboratory tests as required. It can carry out soil, sediment and groundwater laboratory analysis, or conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Landfill redevelopment – Avenue Soils’ team of professionals can guide and provide prospective developers with a full range of services required to successfully turn an unused, polluting piece of land into a clean, safe property ready for development. There are more than 1,000 small unused landfill sites in Ontario mostly on the outskirts of urban areas, many eligible for redevelopment having been closed for more than 25 years.
  • Clean fill site procurement – The company has been a provider of legal clean fill sites in the Toronto area and in Southern Ontario for several decades and at any time has at least 15 sites available, with jobs priced according to the closest location.
  • Complete earthworks – Avenue Soils has wide experience in large and small scale heavy civil excavation projects and works with partners who own extensive heavy equipment and machinery and up to 300 trucks. Services include site work and grading projects. Full site remediation – Whether investigating sites or resolving found conditions, Avenue Soils can advise on the best options and recommend a detailed plan at the lowest cost to bring the site back to safe environmental conditions.
  • Solid waste removal and disposal – The company can provide advice on how to best manage the waste material stream onsite and through project stages, while limiting travel time between the project and disposal site to minimize costs and environmental impacts.
  • Hazardous soils transport and disposal – Avenue Soils can test, monitor and execute leachate toxic contaminated soils and sediments disposal and treatment programs. The company’s professionals can advise on the most efficient path through regulations and other variables with a certification to guarantee its work. It can also treat contaminants including pesticides and volatile organic compounds.
  • Asbestos removal – The company provides Identification, safe removal and disposal services.
  • Brownfield lands –Avenue Soils purchases brownfield properties for redevelopment services.
  • Scrap metals recycling – It also buys scrap metal from construction projects and demolition sites.
  • Demolition – Avenue Soils is an experienced demolition contractor trained and equipped for any demolition project, large or small.

This profile is part of a series we are running this year to celebrate Industry Leaders from the following construction sectors – subtrades, suppliers and industry professionals. Articles recognize construction leaders that have made an impact on the industry.

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