License denied: Dynasty Home Builders blocked by HCRA

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) has refused to grant a licence to Dynasty Home Builders Inc., a company linked to a former licensee who allegedly built and sold homes without a licence. A letter from the HCRA to the company gives a Scarborough address for the business.

The HCRA said it discovered the owner of Dynasty Home Builders, Zamila Hossain, had ties to Albion Building Consultant Inc., which had its licence revoked for numerous conduct issues, including “knowingly building and selling homes without a licence, which is illegal.

According to a news release from the HCRA, Zamila Hossain listed Zamal Hossain and Farida Haque, the principals of Albion Building Consultant Inc., as financial backers on the licence application.

“The HCRA looks at all interested persons associated with an application for this exact reason,” said Wendy Moir, the HCRA’s chief executive officer and registrar. “Understanding who is involved in an applicant’s business is a strong indicator of how that business may be run. By refusing Dynasty’s application, the HCRA is limiting the resurgence of bad actors who have demonstrated they cannot conduct their business responsibly and ethically.”

The HCRA also said that Zamal Hossain and Farida Haque, who were also the parents of Zamila Hossain, had no credit history and listed a past Albion employee on its application.

“Applicants must demonstrate their business will be conducted in accordance with the law and with integrity and honesty. This shows our licensing process works and is an essential tool to protect the public,” Moir added.

The HCRA said it takes seriously its responsibility to protect consumers from unscrupulous builders and ensure that only qualified and ethical individuals are licensed to build and sell new homes in Ontario. The HCRA encourages consumers to do their research and verify the qualifications of any builder or salesperson they are considering hiring.


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