Mixed-Use Development Planned across from East Harbor Station


Judy Lamelza

Special to Ontario Construction News

In Toronto’s bustling Riverdale neighbourhood, a groundbreaking development is taking shape. The Eastern Avenue Transit-Oriented Community (TOC) represents a significant stride towards integrating sustainable urban living with robust transit infrastructure. Spearheaded by Infrastructure Ontario and meticulously designed by SvN, this project is not just a building; it’s a blueprint for the future of construction in high-density urban areas, particularly appealing to professionals and workers in the construction field.

Designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario, the project is situated across from the future East Harbour station on GO Lakeshore and Stouffville lines, and the Ontario Line.

For construction professionals, the project presents a unique challenge and opportunity: transforming a historically low-density, industrial site into a vibrant, mixed-use community hub. This redevelopment reflects a broader trend towards revitalizing urban spaces to accommodate Toronto’s growing demand for housing and accessible transportation.

The project’s design, featuring an 11-storey mixed-use structure, is a testament to innovative architectural planning and construction methodologies. One notable aspect is the integration of an existing 5-storey storage facility into the new development, showcasing the project’s commitment to adaptive reuse and sustainability.

The development’s design will include the following:

  • 11 storey building
  • 142 residential units
  • Ground level retail spaces
  • Ground floor area of 11,348 sq. m. residential space and 907 sq. m. retail space
  • Expansive indoor and outdoor spaces on the second and tenth floors
  • Terrace offering residents a communal area
  • Single-level underground parking garage and ample bicycle parking

The construction of the TOC introduces several technical innovations, starting with its foundation. Given the proximity to the GO Lakeshore and Stouffville lines and the Ontario Line, the foundation requires meticulous planning to ensure stability and safety, especially considering the site’s transformation from an industrial to a residential purpose. The use of deep foundation systems, potentially involving caissons or piles, will be critical to support the 11-storey structure’s weight and provide resilience against the vibrations from nearby transit lines.

Sustainability is at the core of the Eastern Avenue TOC, aligning with the City of Toronto’s environmental objectives. The construction team will employ green building practices, including the installation of green roofs and adherence to the Toronto Green Standard. For workers in the field, this means engaging with cutting-edge materials and techniques that reduce environmental impact, such as energy-efficient glazing, solar shading, and advanced insulation materials to enhance the building’s thermal performance.

Adjacent to the Lakeshore East GO Rail Corridor, the project emphasizes safety and sound mitigation, incorporating a 9m crash wall. This feature not only protects residents but also challenges construction teams to integrate these safety measures seamlessly into the building’s design. Additionally, soundproofing elements and vibration dampeners will be crucial in creating a peaceful living environment, despite the urban setting.

DataBid is currently reporting on this project – 356 Eastern Avenue Thorncliffe Park TOC Mixed Use Development Riverdale – Toronto  (0081021424)

Judy Lamelza writes for DataBid’s blog.


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