New generation of home buyers expect convenience and customization from their builders


By Kristen Frisa

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The 2019 Build Smarter conference, to be held in Arizona this November, will focus on what’s being called the “expectation revolution,” that is, customers’ expectation of a unique experience during the home building process. 

Elmira Abushayeva, director of marketing at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, says builders are increasingly reporting that they’re working with “home buyers that are accustomed to convenience and personalization in the digital age.” 

“We’re excited to have a quorum of builders, industry leaders, and even actual home buyers join us to present their unique perspectives,” Abushayeva says.

The keynote speaker at the event is Mollie Carmichael, who will address the audience with new statistics on demographics of buyers and what they’re looking for from their builders.

Other presentations will present software and technology that can be used to give that personalized customer service clients require. Over 60 sessions are being offered in all.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems provides software and services to the building industry, collecting data to simplify and inform their operations. 

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems holds the Build Smarter conference annually, often attracting up to 400 participants from across Canada and the United States.

Chris Graham, vice-president at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, says over 90 per cent of the conference’s 2018 attendees are planning to return. “Our goal has been to provide a truly unique opportunity for hands-on software training and highly-collaborate idea sharing,” Graham says. “We know we’re hitting the mark,” he says. 

“The sessions are designed to not only help builders improve processes and increase their software ROI, but also gain insights on how to satisfy the expectations of today’s highly-discerning home buyers,” Graham says.


  1. These are some really exciting news regarding construction technology that could benefit both buyers and builders. It’s actually understandable for buyers to demand a certain degree of customization for the homes that they’re going to buy given how big of a purchase it is in terms of price and commitment. I remember when I was buying my townhome in the GTA, I found the convenience in just choosing a design that I like without worrying about other things as the location is perfect in terms of access to the GTA. I think that’s the type of convenience new generation of home buyers are looking for, the convenience of being able to focus on determining what they like knowing that everything is rest assured to be delivered in good quality by the builder.


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