New report says equipping buildings with artificial intelligence is the key to standing out from the crowd


A recent report from Frost and Sullivan, a growth strategy consulting and research firm, suggests that companies are increasingly embedding self-learning algorithms into artificial intelligence (AI) that’s built into homes and buildings, to improve customer experience and stand out from the crowd.

These algorithms give buildings the capability of improving operations to give users a better experience, and increasing a building’s sustainability through energy efficiency.

“Vertically-integrated building automation solutions, edge intelligence in commercial building automation applications, and energy disaggregation in commercial buildings will be distinct features in building management in 2019,” said Anirudh Bhaskaran, senior industry analyst for Industrial at Frost and Sullivan.

The report, entitled Global Homes and Buildings Industry Outlook 2019, outlines opportunities in lighting, energy management, automation, fire safety, security, and other areas. 

“Numerous smart home devices will be integrated with voice command control in 2019,” Bhaskaran says. “To make homes truly connected and energy efficient, homes and buildings companies need to establish partnerships with utilities, energy consultants, and retailers.”

Examples of smart technologies include thermostats, speakers, locks, and lighting systems. These systems are largely being integrated in companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple smart speakers in 2018.

The analysis suggests that current methods include using cloud-based data storage that can be accessed by users to track energy efficiency and usage, and the development of multi-controller products that manage building heating, cooling, and lighting to reduce expense for building managers.


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