Ontario to ban requirement for Canadian work experience in job postings


The Canadian Press

Ontario plans to ban employers from requiring Canadian work experience in job postings or application forms.

Labour Minister David Piccini says newcomers deserve a meaningful chance to contribute in their respective fields, and this change would stop employers from screening out certain workers before the interview process.

“Too many people that have came to our province have been funneled toward dead-end jobs they’re overqualified for,” Picini wrote on X following the announcement. “That’s simply unacceptable.

picini“We’re banning the use of Canadian work experience as a requirement in job postings or application forms.”

The new rule will be contained in legislation with a slew labour law changes introduced on Tuesday, including requiring employers to disclose salary ranges in job postings and boosting benefits for injured workers.

“We’re ensuring skilled immigrants coming to Ontario can work in the fields they’re trained in faster than ever before,” Piccini said.

Two years ago, the Ontario government passed a law prohibiting certain non-health professions from requiring Canadian work experience for licensing.

The new legislation would also increase the number of international students in Ontario eligible to apply to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program by revising eligibility requirements for one-year college graduate certificate programs.

As well, it would change how regulated professions such as accounting, architecture and geoscience use third-party organizations to assess international qualifications, which the government says would improve oversight and accountability.


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