Ottawa Food Bank and Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen host 1,000 pound Food Sort Challenge


Ontario Construction News staff writer

It’s time to get to work! The Ottawa Food Bank, with the support of Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen, a division of Boone, is hosting its Food Sort Challenge on May 24, and the team with the most skills and dedication will be competing head-to-head to win.

The competition is a fast-paced affair, with teams competing to sort 1,000 pounds of food in the quickest time ever. The teams are made up of a maximum of 10 people, with a minimum of six, and will be competing for an estimated 30 minutes per team, with a full-time commitment expected to take around 1.5 hours, plus time for the after party.

In addition to the competition, the teams will also be competing to raise the most money for food programs across the city, with each team having a minimum fundraising goal of $1500. The team with the highest score at the end of the day will also be declared the winner and will receive their name on the Food Sort Challenge trophy.

If you want to root for your team or contribute, see this link:


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