Region of Durham launches the Durham Greener Buildings Program

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Regional Municipality of Durham, in partnership with Windfall Ecology Centre, has launched the Durham Greener Buildings Program – an initiative that will help the building sector with climate action and sustainability.

Commercial buildings across Durham Region consume a significant amount of energy and are responsible for close to a third of all Durham’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is a transformative program that will support energy awareness by guiding building owners, property managers and tenants to supports that will help them adopt sustainable practices in their commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings,” said John Henry, Regional Chair and CEO. “This program is an important step to build more resilient infrastructure and communities that reduce the impacts of climate change and support the transition to a greener Durham.”

The program is a benchmarking and disclosure program for building owners participating in the provincial Energy and Water Reporting Benchmarking (EWRB) program by helping them to measure, report and take action on efficiency and conservation opportunities.

durham ecolologyThe goal for the EWRB program participation is set at 70 per cent, or 450 buildings across Durham Region by 2026. Over three years, buildings will disclose energy performance data to track usage, identify energy and water efficiency opportunities, and compare usage to similar buildings. Additionally, more than 600 public sector buildings are expected to enroll in the program.

Awards will be presented to encourage reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings through collaboration, education, and innovation. The competition is free and open to building owners and property managers who wish to act on climate change while improving bottom lines by implementing responsible energy management operations and behavioral practices.

The Windfall Ecology Centre will administer the program and collect information from buildings across the region.

Windfall is a non-profit organization with decades of on-the-ground experience delivering home energy retrofits. The Durham Greener Buildings Program is part of the region’s Community Energy Plan, and is a key strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and response to Durham Regional Council’s climate emergency declaration.

Benchmarking and disclosure programs are effective tools in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings,” Brent Kopperson, Windfall Ecology Centre founder and executive director said in a statement. “By making energy performance measurable and visible, local governments can encourage building owners to improve the efficiency of their buildings, which can drive new investment and create an estimated five to 15 green jobs per $1 million invested.”


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