SDS Safety Design Strategies: Providing full safety services, when and where you need them


SDS Safety Design Strategies has provided successful safety strategies for over 10 years while solving many challenges for construction projects throughout Ontario.

The company’s safety management team has more than 30 years experience with multi-million/billion dollar construction and industrial projects. Bill Glover, president and senior safety consultant, says SDS is one of only a few Canadian safety companies that specialize in all services including consulting, on-site personnel, corporate and site specific safety manuals (including CoR and ISN approved content), safety equipment and supplies, safety training and confined space and high angle rescue teams.

Tammi Dean, SDS’s director of operations, says SDS has a diverse team of safety specialists and administration support that all contribute to the success of the company. Each individual brings their talents, knowledge and experience to the team. “We are very fortunate to be involved with some of the largest construction and infrastructure projects in Ontario. Safety procedures and policies are unique for each site and working with ICI, power plant, nuclear, oil/gas, automotive, hi-rise and infrastructure projects gives us the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of safety.”

With COR Certification becoming a must for new health and safety standards, SDS has been working with clients to structure proper and effective safety procedures to prepare for and maintain COR audits. Proper structuring ensures a company as a whole can understand their roles and responsibilities. This effective communication makes it easier to manage all safety protocols resulting in safer job sites and fewer incidents.

SDS has a comprehensive training facility in Vaughan, as well as convenient on-site or online training options.

“Courses are also delivered through our mobile training units which provide convenient training to locations across Ontario,” Glover said. “Our instructors have direct experience on construction sites, giving course participants ‘real life’ scenarios and allowing effective interactive training methods.”

“Our clients appreciate that we can support them with any safety concern and look after any issues they may encounter,” he said.

“Their responsibility to provide a safe working environment while concentrating on project demands is becoming more and more difficult to manage. This is where SDS comes in.”

Glover says SDS works closely with clients with a “safe production” approach, helping to provide a safe working environment while staying on time and budget. The company works with clients to create a strong site safety culture. “It is a positive strategy that has proven to be successful for SDS’s construction clients,” he says.

The industry is evolving, with many trades people getting ready to retire. “We are currently hiring younger graduates of construction health and safety programs who can mentor under our senior specialists. SDS is ready for future growth, with continuous training, mentoring and implementing new technologies for better efficiency for our clients”

“We all work together to provide exceptional customer service and being there for our clients, when and where they need us is our number one priority,” Glover said.

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