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Submitted by Ian McIntosh

IGM Construction Photography

Photos are highly effective when recruiting new employees, especially in the current job market where so many companies are vying for top talent, both from inside and outside the construction industry.

One of the best ways to stand out in this competitive environment is to show potential employees what your business is all about with photos that highlight the work that you do, the people who do it and your unique company culture.

Effective images get attention and can easily communicate many important messages in a way that is engaging and without the need to rely on a lot of text.

Images give potential hires a strong visual impression of not only who you are, but who your ideal candidate is, which helps build a connection with the right people when they are deciding whether to apply for a particular job.

photo 1Research shows that job seekers today are looking beyond salary and location when deciding where they want to work. Younger people entering the workforce care a lot about career development and advancement potential. They want positions with opportunities to learn from experienced and supportive coworkers and gain new skills.

Mature applicants want opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise in positions as leaders and mentors. Photos can show your employees working together at a job site or in the office, highlight the opportunities you offer and help potential hires picture themselves growing alongside your team.

Photos that show people working on site using tools of the trade, heavy equipment, or company vehicles communicate several important points, acting as part of the job description, giving examples of what careers you have available and what people do day-to-day. With just a few great images, you can show your leadership cares about employee success, providing the tools and equipment they need to produce high quality results in a safe environment.

People especially want to feel like the work they do is meaningful and has an impact, so it’s important to use images of your team members working with clients and finished projects that show positive results for the client or the community. Images that showcase team building opportunities, company events, customer appreciation, charity involvement and other ways your company gives back are also great ways to emphasize your company culture and values.

With thoughtfully planned images on your social media and website, at recruiting events, and in job descriptions, you can tell your brand story and engage potential new employees in a way that only photos can do.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Ian McIntosh is a Barrie-based commercial photographer with an advanced drone pilot’s license and is safety certified for construction job sites.


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