The proposed five point-plan


The provincial government says it’s plans for improving housing availability relates to what it describes as a five-point plan.  Elements include:

  1. Speed: Red tape and paperwork can add years to a construction project. We will maintain Ontario’s strong environmental protections, while making the development approvals process faster.
  2. Cost: Layers of permits, government approvals and charges by municipalities add to the cost of building new homes. We will make costs more predictable, to encourage developers to build more housing.
  3. Mix: We’ll make it easier to build different types of housing – from detached houses and townhomes to mid-rise rental apartments, second units and family-sized condos. We need a variety.
  4. Rent: There are more people looking for homes than there are places to rent. We will protect tenants and make it easier to build rental housing.
  5. Innovation: This means everything from new housing designs and materials to creative approaches to home-ownership and more. We’ll encourage more innovation and creativity in Ontario’s housing sector and make sure government isn’t standing in the way.


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