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Eastern Ontario

Cornwall Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Study & Dewatering Building Odour Engineering Services

Industry Name: Industrial

Trade Name: Water/Wastewater Treatment

Project Street: 2800 Montreal Rd

Project City: Cornwall

Detail Of Services: The City of Cornwall invites Proposals from qualified Engineering firms licensed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario to complete an odour study for the City of Cornwall’s entire Wastewater treatment plant and supply Tender ready documents for the install of an odour control unit and/or provide alternate solutions that will service the dewatering facility as described in the document herein.

Questions Contact: Purchasing Services Phone: (613 )932-6252 Email: Questions Deadline: Tue Jan 31, 2023 4:30 PM (EST)

Queens University Stauffer Library Main Floor New Layout Architectural Design Services

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: Queens University

Project City: Kingston

Detail Of Services: Complete a review of the spaces with the client group to determine the project scope requirements. A document has been included that includes the clients’ general requirements. Complete a review of the requirements to ensure code compliance with the new space layouts. Consider room acoustics within the design. Some furniture may be existing and will provide further specifications on furniture once obtained. Complete a review of mechanical and electrical systems to ensure the new layout functions appropriately. We are anticipating modification to the FA devices as required and integrating with main building system and FACP. Prepare schematic design drawings outlining scope of work. Provide Class C Estimate (25% +/-). Attend formal review meeting.

Questions Contact: Deadline for Questions: February 3, 2023 at 4:00pm

Haliburton County

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Sewer/Drainage Utilities

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Various/Multiple

Detail Of Services: –

Questions Contact: David Thaler Engineering Assistant Capital Projects Phone: 705-286-1762 ext. 233 Email: Pam Weiss Administrative Assistant Public Works Department Phone: 705-286-1763 ext. 225 Email:

Northern Ontario

Gore Bay Marina Underground Fuel Tanks Replacement

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Fuel System/Supply/Distribution

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Gore Bay

Detail Of Services: The Corporation of the Town of Gore Bay (the “Town”) is seeking tenders for the services of removal of their existing three (3) underground fuel tanks and replace such with one large two (2) compartment tank. The two (2) compartment tank will consist of the division of one third (1/3) gasoline and two thirds (2/3) diesel fuel. The new tank should be at least 35,000 liters in total capacity. It should be made of fiberglass or suitable material as approved by TSSA.

Questions Contact: Stasia Carr, CAO/Clerk Phone: (705) 282-2420 ext. 1 Fax: (705) 282-3076 Email:

Gore Bay Dawson Street Watermain Rehabilitation Engineering Services

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Water Utilities/Watermain

Project Street: Dawson St.

Project City: Gore Bay

Detail Of Services: The scope of work is for the provision of professional engineering services for the Watermain Replacement Project, consisting of detailed design, authoring of construction tender ready documents, tender evaluation, and construction services including project management. The proposed scope of the work for this project is outlined below:• Replacing 640 metres of poor waterline along Dawson Street, Meredith Street to Boron Street, Thorburn Street, Laird Street from an existing four inch (4) and six inch (6) line to a new eight (8) inch line including all valves• Replace approximately 353 metres of existing four-inch 2708(4) or six (6) inch waterline along Huron Street to an eight (8) inch line including all valves.• Reattaching all interconnections, including trenching along Meredith Street to connect all services from the east side of the street to the existing eight inch (8) inch water line on the west side of the street.• Install fire hydrants meeting regulations to provide fire safety to area residents• Replace infrastructure that will be affected by the project including new concrete sidewalks, roadways, and driveways affected by the project• New curb and gutter as required to ensure conveyance of surface water to existing catchment structures.• Consultation with municipal staff on engineering related questions that may arise during the normal course of the project.• Engineering and Design Work for the project.• Application for any applicable Environmental Assessment Permits.• Project Management for the duration of the project

Questions Contact: All inquiries concerning this Proposal, including specifications, process, and results are to be directed in writing (email) through: CAO/Clerk, Inquiries must not be directed to any other Municipal employee and/or Councillor. No clarification requests will be accepted by telephone. Question Deadline: January 23, 2023

Southern Ontario

London J. Allyn Taylor Building Roof Replacement

Industry Name: Public Buildings

Trade Name: Other Public Buildings

Project Street: 267 Dundas Street

Project City: London

Detail Of Services: Roof Replacement at J. Allyn Taylor Building

Questions Contact: If a proponent has any questions or inquiries regarding the Bid Document, they shall submit questions in writing through the Bid Opportunities Website using the Submit a Question button associated with this bid opportunity. Billy Sevier Email: Question Deadline: Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:00:00 PM (EST) Purchasing & SupplyEmail:

Haldimand County Various Locations Single Surface Treatment

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Pavement Marking

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Haldimand

Detail Of Services: This Bid Request is an invitation by Haldimand County to prospective Bidders to submit Bids to apply a single surface treatment wearing surface. The scope is meant to include the supply of all materials, equipment, labour and safety devices as necessary. The estimated quantities are itemized and shown in the schedule of items.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be directed to the Purchasing Department via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Question Deadline: Fri Jan 27, 2023 4:30:00 PM (EST)

Barrie Various Locations Sewer Rehabilitation Program

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Sewer/Drainage Utilities

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Barrie

Detail Of Services: Various locations sewer rehabilitation. Refer to documents for further details.

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be directed to the Purchasing Department via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Post bid closing communications in relation to this project may be made via email to: Question Deadline: Mon Jan 30, 2023 2:00:00 PM (EST)

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