Fitting custom homes onto available lots just got easier with a partnership between Constellation and LOTFITS


Written by Kristen Frisa

Home building solutions software provider Constellation HomeBuilder Systems announced August 19 that it’s teaming up with LOTFITS, an interactive online tool for designing dream homes to fit specific lots.

LOTFITS automates the process of fitting homes onto given lots, making it easier for builders to deliver custom homes according to customers’ requests, and meet monotony regulations that require a variety of looks along a streetscape.

“This partnership between Constellation and LOTFITS is going to be crucial for meeting homebuyer expectations from the first time they interact with a home builder,” said Chris Graham, vice president of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

“The homebuyer wants more information than ever before. If you don’t have that information available to support your customer experience process, they’ll go to a home builder who does.”

Further, the tool will allow builders to make the most of lot capacity, Graham said.

Along with a better client experience, the tool will allow builders to make best use of their time.

“Builders spend a lot of unnecessary time to meet community guidelines and restrictions when it comes to finding the perfect lot for every customer,” said Steve Bauer of LOTFITS. “We’re excited to be working with the big team at Constellation so that these builders don’t have to worry about that factor anymore.”

Custom home customers will now be able to look at 3D image of lot and home options at the first meeting with their builders, making it easier for builders to do more in less time.

Constellation will be demonstrating its new capabilities with LOTFIT at the Build Smarter Conference in November.



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