Lifting safely: Some tips from SDS

Here are some lifting safety tips from SDS (Safety Design Strategies).

Lifting materials unsafely can cause workplace injuries. Follow these guidelines to safely lift objects:

  • Store jobsite materials in an easy to access, organized location so you are not reaching and twisting your back in awkward positions.
  • Do not try to lift loads beyond your capacity. Ask for assistance or use material handling equipment if the weight of the load is too much for you to handle.
  • Put one foot forward and bend your knees perpendicular to the floor. When lifting, maintain your back’s normal arch and put the weight on your legs, not on your foot or heels.
  • Don’t twist your back. Pivot one foot and turn your whole body.
  • Do not reach for objects or lift to levels that are too high.
  • Put the material down slowly while maintaining your back’s normal arch.


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