Markham secures $58.8 million for accelerated housing construction

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Markham is set to boost its housing construction with a $58.8 million injection from the Government of Canada. Tuesday’s announcement aims to fast-track the construction of 1,640 housing units over the next three years, with a broader vision of creating over 6,630 homes in the next decade.

Markham’s Action Plan, a key component of the collaboration, outlines seven local initiatives to diversify housing and increase density. Measures include working with developers, allowing four units citywide, intensifying development near major transit stations, offering incentives for more homes and affordable housing, streamlining application processes, and reducing parking requirements for new developments.

“The City of Markham is grateful for the support from the federal government, under the Housing Accelerator Fund, to fast track homes being built to address housing supply and affordability. The upfront funding will ensure 1,640 housing units will be built over the course of the next three years. By working with our federal and provincial partners, the home building industry and the trades sector, we aim to increase the housing supply in a timely and streamlined manner to meet the needs of our community,” said Markham Mayor, Frank Scarpitti.

The Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF), launched in March 2023 with a $4 billion budget, is providing the financial support. This significant funding is geared towards removing obstacles that slow down housing development.

The target is to greenlight the construction of 100,000 new homes in the first three years, a move that cities and regions believe will lead to 750,000 new homes over the next ten years across Canada.

“The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, highlighted collaborative efforts between different levels of government and Indigenous partners in facilitating the swift construction of affordable homes. By leveraging the Housing Accelerator Fund, the government aims to expedite the creation of 1,640 homes within the next three years and more than 6,600 homes over the next decade,” said the Mayor.

“Today’s announcement will help fast track 1,640 homes in the next three years and more than 6,600 homes over the next decade. By working with cities, mayors, Indigenous partners, and all levels of government, we are helping to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford,” said The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities.

Markham-Stouffville MP Helena Jaczek emphasized the urgency of addressing the housing crisis, commending the Housing Accelerator Fund for removing barriers and encouraging local initiatives. The collaboration with the City of Markham is seen as a crucial step in collectively building more homes for the community.

“We are in a housing crisis. The only way we’re going to solve this challenge is by working together with municipalities,” said Markham-Stouffville MP Helena Jaczek. “The Housing Accelerator Fund helps to remove barriers and encourage local initiatives. With this agreement, working collaboratively with the City, we will get more homes built for the people of Markham.”

“The Government of Canada is making life more affordable for Canadians – and housing is key to our work. We will continue to work with provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, as well as Indigenous partners, to keep building more homes for Canadians, faster,” said the Mayor.

Paul Chiang, Member of Parliament for Markham—Unionville, expressed pride in the government’s partnership with the City of Markham, emphasizing the $58.8 million funding as a crucial investment in accelerating the development of safe and affordable housing. The funds are set to address the growing needs of Markham’s rapidly expanding cityscape.

“Our government is proud to be working with the City of Markham to ensure we are doing our part to fulfill the housing needs in our city and indeed across Canada. This funding of $58.8 million for housing in Markham will accelerate the development of safe and affordable housing to meet the needs of our rapidly growing city where we need it most,” said Paul Chiang, Member of Parliament for Markham—Unionville.

Launched in March 2023, the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) is a $4 billion initiative by the Government of Canada that will run until 2026-27. The Markham agreement represents a significant stride towards achieving the fund’s overarching goal of expediting the construction of affordable and accessible homes for Canadians.


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