Ontario Construction News launches daily newspaper for the province’s construction industry

    OCN D cover may1
    The cover of the first daily issue of Ontario Construction News

    Today, Ontario Construction News starts publishing on a daily schedule.

    Each morning at 10 a.m. you’ll find a fresh issue on the ontarioconstructionnews.com website with current news, in-depth features, and leads and opportunities provided by DataBid.com.

    “Our newspaper has been designed to comply with Ontario Construction Act regulations to qualify to publish certificate and notices as mandated by the Act,” says OCN-Daily publisher Mark Buckshon. “The legislation sets out traditional requirements for a construction daily newspaper, but allows it to be published in an electronic format instead of newsprint.”

    The freedom from printing presses and postal mail mean that OCN-Daily’s operating costs are much lower than a conventional printed publication, and accordingly certificate/notice and tender advertising rates are much more reasonable.

    “We’ve set our prices so they are 50 per cent lower than the competition, and in fact if you’ve advertised a certificate or notice advertisement in another daily construction publication in the past year, and it is a similar size, we’ll guarantee that lower price,” said Chase, who co-ordinates advertising and marketing.

    “The process of requesting certificate and notice advertisements, especially Certificates of Substantial Performance (CSP) will be the same as for the competing publication,” he said. “You can download the relevant standard government forms, complete them, and email or fax them to us.  We’ll prepare the necessary paperwork, publish your legally-required notice within three business days, and provide documentation for your records that you’ve complied with the Ontario Construction Act publication requirements.”

    For more information and to access the relevant certificate forms, see www.ontarioconstructionnews.com/forms.

    Outside of paper and postage, OCN-Daily contains all the features and format of a traditional construction newspaper. “Our writers will research and report on news and issues relevant to the industry, and we are publishing tender and procurement notices in each issue,” said Buckshon. “Databid.com provides extensive project lead data, for which the most up-to-date daily feed is available to anyone registering for a free electronic subscription.”

    The minimum eight page PDF issue will be accessible each day, along with many of the news stories, without registration requirements at ontarioconstructionnews.com. However, back issues and comprehensive access to the newspaper’s ongoing data will be restricted largely to paid subscriptions, at a reasonable $19.95 per month or $149.00 per year. (If you are a paid DataBid.com subscriber, you can receive full access to OCN-D without fee.)

    As well, all advertisers including those requesting one-time certificate and notice publicity will receive a free subscription. Public tender ads and published certificates will be freely available through a searchable database.

    “In 2019, few would expect a publisher to launch a new daily newspaper,” Buckshon said. “But the Ontario Construction Act regulations, coupled with our years of specialized knowledge and experience in publishing for Ontario’s construction industry, have created this unique opportunity.”

    Buckshon said OCN-D welcomes reader feedback and observations.

    You can reach us by email at insights@ontarioconstructionnews.com. If you have questions about certificates or notice advertisements, or wish to place them by email, you can reach us at certificates@ontarioconstructionnews.com.


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