Peel Region looking for provincial support on several priorities

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Peel Region’s delegation at the 2023 Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference, is advocating for provincial support with challenges including municipal fiscal sustainability, affordable housing, health care, and climate change.

“Our Peel team is looking forward to attending the AMO conference to collaborate and bring forward issues and concerns related to affordable housing, health and sustainability,” said Nando Iannicca, CEO, Regional Chair, Peel Region. “We want to ensure important investments are made for the resiliency of Peel residents and businesses now and into the future. We continue to work with our provincial colleagues to advance our initiatives on behalf of Peel residents.

The region’s goals include:

Fiscal sustainability

Continued provincial and federal support is needed to ensure Peel’s health and service needs are met.

Municipal infrastructure

Building and maintaining Peel’s infrastructure is essential to enhancing the quality of life enjoyed by residents.

Affordable housing and homelessness support

We need to make housing affordable for all Peel residents while preventing homelessness.

Support for seniors

Protecting the most vulnerable seniors and ensuring a quality of life for LTC residents is a top priority.

Mental health

Poor mental health has far-reaching effects. We’re working to prioritize mental health supports in Peel.

Early years and child care

We’re committed to providing families with child care that’s high quality, accessible, inclusive, and affordable.

Sustainable and integrated transportation

Providing opportunities for cleaner, greener ways to travel is crucial for improved traffic flow and air quality in Peel.

Environment and climate change

We need to ensure that Peel Region services and assets can withstand the effect of extreme weather events.




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